Twitter authentication!!! - Attention

As of June 1st, the Twitter authentication is no longer supported. However, for the past 4 months, users have been able to add a secondary authentication method to combat this. Going forward, we kindly request that you prioritize Google or Apple authentication. This is in line with our efforts to make your safety and security our top priority. Thank you for your cooperation and please do not hesitate to reach out to us via DM or email should you require further assistance.

What is iKPOP?

iKPOP is a mobile app for all worldwide K-POP and J-POP fans. It is your Fan Zone where you can have fun and join others in various activities supporting your bias

  • iKPOP tries to give all fans the best experience serving almost everything in real time.
  • It might disconnect from time to time
  • If iKPOP can’t connect just close the app and open it again
  • Found an issue? Contact iKPOP
  • iKPOP tries to provide the best translations possible. Found mistake? Contact iKPOP

iKPOP app wants to stay free for you!

Ads support free content, Ads help support our fan events. Tap “Allow” on the first screen to permit showing ads that are more relevant to you.

iKPOP upcoming changes!

  • Novemeber/December releases - TOP Users ranking, Ad watching limits will be updated (possible to load at most 1 ad per minute, and up to 10 per hour, up to 100 rewards per 24h), ad value depends on the ad server, not all ads loaded have predetermined reward values (new ad provider), iOS in-app purchases, daily Twitter/Youtube statistics, MV voting
  • On November 30th, 2022 - update of the available ads values
  • New voting schedule 2023
  • End of surprise bonus beta testing (frequency limited)

What are the rewards for winners and how they are provided?

  • iKPOP holds various possibilities of voting for your favourite artists, every month there is a birthday/debut anniversary rewarded event as well as idol monthly ranking and any special theme vote options. The winners will receive rewards depending on the event level achieved during voting as specified in each event description. iKPOP always wants to provide the best option for the winning fandom, in case a different ad is requested from the same market value level collection (social media campaigns, digital ads in South Korea, US, Japan or other countries) a change of the default one is possible within 2 days of winning the voting. The rewarded AD content is being prepared and selected by the fans. To see the current available collection of ads go to Fan Events.

Can I recommend a new Idol or a new themed voting?

  • Wanna vote or support? Request new idol, group, pre debut group, trainee or audition program to be added to iKPOP via Twitter message or email
  • Follow iKPOP Twitter for all updates, you can also nominate idols via Twitter requests or vote for new idols or trainees to be added to iKPOP profiles database
  • Message iKPOP with new vote concepts

What are iKPOP diamonds?

  • In-APP currency
  • Diamonds are blue gems
  • Amethysts are purple gems
  • Look for the gem icon to go to the gems charging station or check your account balance
  • Gems are auto-converted to votes or stars when voting or sponsoring an event
  • Gems to votes, stars rates might change over time
  • Attend daily and look for special events for the best conversion rates
  • Before spending gems, check deadlines for each activity

Diamonds - blue

  • DIAMONDS can be used to get votes, stars and execute various in-app actions
  • Blue diamonds expire. Make sure you use them before they expire in 90 days. Check the expiration in My History page. If you have expiration booster, you can keep them longer.
  • DIAMONDS can be used to get votes, stars and execute various in-app actions
  • When you don’t have enough gems, you won’t be able to vote or sponsor

How to get Diamonds?

  • Watch free ad videos
  • Convert from Amethysts
  • To convert gems, go to the diamonds charging station
  • Create content
  • Share & Promote - bonus rewards for actual links activity
  • Participate in various iKPOP events
  • Participate in Ranking voting - Bias bonus at the end of every month for winners
  • When you are in TOP100 monthly users ranking
  • Fortune wheel or Surprise Bonuses
  • Join iKPOP diamond hour for extra bonuses or boosters

Ad Watching limits

On iKPOP you can earn diamonds or receive various bonus rewards by watching the video adverts that are provided. You can receive up to 100 (maximum) gem/non-gem rewards/bonuses every 24 hours. This maximum total is made up of and includes ALL the various ways you can watch adverts on the app which includes things like the extension of any expiring gems and your daily attendance reward.

To ensure a smooth operation the following rules are now in effect:

  • Only 1 advert can be loaded per minute max
  • You can watch a maximum of 10 adverts per hour. It is also at the discretion of the advert provider if the reward is given and also the amount of the said reward, so every time you may skip or dismiss a video before you have seen the “Reward granted” message, then these adverts will still be counted as part of the above hourly limit but as it has been skipped no reward would be granted.
  • Video ads are no longer preloaded, after tapping “Watch video”, you have to wait till the video is downloaded and can be displayed.
  • Ability to watch ads smoothly depends of your network connection

iKPOP doesn’t guarantee that you can watch 100 ads per 24h As it is down to external providers to serve the adverts for us it is also down to their discretion on just how many adverts you can watch in 24hrs. If for some reason there are not enough adverts in the inventory or you have reached the advert providers’ daily limit you will now see a ‘No Ad’ or ‘No fill’ message appear, then you will have to wait for approx. 5 minutes to make another attempt to watch an advert.

Amethysts - purple

  • They are permanent
  • They don’t have an expiration date
  • Can be converted to DIAMONDS

How to get Amethysts?

  • Confirm daily attendance
  • Continuous Attendance
  • Refer
  • Level up
  • Create content
  • Participate in various iKPOP events
  • When you are in TOP100 monthly users ranking

How to vote?

  • Tap on the Vote tab or any voting widget
  • Find the idol you want to vote for and tap the Vote icon
  • Select the number of gems to be converted to votes by sliding the circular indicator in the dialogue box displayed or enter the number (tap the number first).
  • Confirm your choice by touching the Vote button.
  • After processing a confirmation message will be displayed


1st - Prized depends on overall voting diamond score. All lower ranks contribute to 1st rank rewards and are unlocked faster compared to lower ranks. After the voting is closed, there is a poll to select the winning prize from a pre-selected group (chosen by iKPOP) of the available unlocked rewards. If enough stars have been collected during the voting period there maybe be more than 1 prize offered.

2nd - … - based on an individual score. When at least 1% of that particular rank minimum goal is achieved the list of the available prizes that can be achieved and then the progress towards that goal becomes available. The higher the rank, the faster the options can be unlocked. There is no 1-1 rate of diamonds to stars (fan events in-app currency) conversion.

Red stop sign (main voting screen and progress < 100%) - none of the options is unlocked. Even lower value options might be showing 99.9% progress. Green - (main voting screen and progress >= 100%) - the selection of options will be available.

In the voting description, there is a minimum individual goal for all ranks eligible for the rewards specified. Although this may vary from voting to voting, please check each event’s rules for the specific details. Until the minimum goal is achieved all prizes options are locked, no matter of the option value.

Voting & FanEvents results

  • Official In-App and Twitter updates
  • Follow iKPOP for results announcements via Twitter
  • Each voting starts with the basic reward that is being upgraded during time according to rewards levels. Winning fandom can select level rewards from the available collection via Twitter survey or a default reward is assigned
  • Vote more and get more for your idol. More votes - reward level up


Stay tuned to unlock boosters.

How to join Fan Event?

  • Fan Event is an iKPOP service that allows support publishing ads for Idols
  • Tap on Fan Events tab or any Fan Event widget
  • Touch the Sponsor Event button.
  • Select the number of gems to be converted to stars by sliding the circular indicator in the dialogue box displayed.
  • Confirm your choice by touching the Sponsor button.
  • After processing a confirmation message will be displayed

How to create a Fan Event?

  • Tap on Fan Events tab
  • Touch the + button
  • Select Fan Event type and touch the + blue button
  • Fill in all the details required
  • Select the desired start date, the event or ad display will start at that date
  • You will be charged according to Fan Event rate”
  • Ad Creative file must be provided by the creator. It can be submitted via Twitter or email:

How to get a refund?

  • Return to failed Fan Event to get refund according to iKPOP policy
  • Refunds are available for a limited number of days
  • Touch the Claim Refund button.
  • Non-expired gems will be returned to your account balance.
  • After processing a confirmation message will be displayed

How to set my bias?

  • Goto MyIdols page and touch +
  • Search for an idol
  • Like an idol
  • Return to MyIdols and double click Idol icon
  • Disliking your bias will result in bias change to the 2nd one in My Idols list
  • When you like an idol it is added to My Idols list

How to reorder MyIdols?

  • Drag and drop idols
  • 1st idol is your bias, it can be only set:
    • double click Idol icon

How to find an idol profile?

  • Go to Idols => Search/ Go to Idols => Groups
  • Search can find idols by their stage names, full names, group names
  • Tap Idol icon

Monthly Idol Ranking

Your bias gains EXP stars in rankings:

  • When you level up
  • When your Fan Event is completed successfully
  • When you vote
  • When you sponsor an event
  • When somebody joins with your referral link
  • When you create content
  • When your shares are verified
  • When your watch ads (min number per day)

Monthly Idol Ranking benefits

Basic reward 08/22 - 500 💎 In order to receive a monthly #1 bias reward you have to (at least one):

  • Must actively vote (min 1000 💎)
  • At least 5 Vote on the eventual winning idol within the current voting period

also please note:

  • intentional or multiple bias changes are not allowed and will make this reward null and void
  • bias changes within the same member group are not excluded
  • must be an active user (this includes the factors: number of watched ads + attendance + purchases, sum of diamonds earned during 1 month voting period >= reward value)

Consecutive wins give bonus rewards

How to promote my Idol?

  • Share the Idol profile
  • Share the Idol voting info
  • Share your voting certificate
  • Share the Idol Fan Event progress
  • Share the voting status
  • Share the Idol ranking
  • Share your referral link with a picture encouraging your friends to join and vote or sponsor
  • Make the Idol profile more accurate by content contribution
  • Share the MV or FanCam real-time page
  • Create the IN-APP Fan Event

Where can I see my voting history?

  • In the Voting page tap the certificate icon
  • Go to My Profile => My History to see gems history

Can I use many accounts?

iKPOP doesn’t limit accounts but some activities are limited to one device or qualified as invalid and may lead to account suspension. It is recommended to use one account per device due to ad display limitations. You can sign up through Apple Id, Twitter, Google SNS accounts but only 1 account should be used per device. Multi accounts may lead to log in, ad-networks, payments, attendance etc errors. You are entitled to receive only one app install referral bonus per device if you use the referral link to register Following installations or new account sign up on the same device won’t be rewarded.

Invalid Activity

Users must comply with all of the following: Users of may not use or benefit from any artificial, fraudulent, deceptive, or other means to simulate or manipulate the account balance actions. Invalid Activity includes, but is not limited to, engaging in, facilitating, or benefiting from any of the following activities:

  • running of “robots”, “spiders” or other automated requests
  • manipulating or misrepresenting device ids, device specifications, geolocation, header information or other information (including Invalid Activity - arising from the spoofing of an application)
  • manipulating or hijacking an End-User’s device
  • automatically refreshing Ads
  • generating traffic from recognized proxy IPs
  • using remotely controlled computers/phones

The determination of what constitutes Invalid Activity under this policy will be made at iKPOP’s sole discretion. If any Invalid Activity is detected, the account will be immadiately suspended for further verification.

Is iKPOP safe?

iKPOP uses an identifier that is being assigned to you when you log in using external authorization providers that manage the app authorization process for you. During the onboarding, you are being asked to provide your username, display name and optionally bio. You can also change your profile picture and select your bias. Information about your localization, email, age, gender or any other information linked to your identity is not being collected. In case of any account-related inquiries, it is not possible to identify you via your email, twitter account or apple account so please use your unique username when contacting us. We do collect some device-related information - your device id that is used to track referrals and welcome bonus, ad watching is also limited per device to prevent abuse of the service and ensure the proper functioning of the ads. In case of issues with the app, error information is being collected to help to diagnose the problems. We will ask you to provide a contactable email only in case you create a Fan Event, your email will be deleted when the Fan Event is closed. EU GDPR iKPOP can be used by any users around the globe including EU citizens so it strictly follows EU GDPR requirements. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy law from the European Union. The purpose of the GDPR is to provide improved privacy protection and control for EU citizens. It is designed to give individuals control of their data. This is a reason why you can see some additional messages related to EU GDPR while using the app, no matter where you are from as iKPOP doesn’t collect location information, it is impossible to disable them for non-EU users.

How to withdraw?

You can withdraw from iKPOP by deleting your account from your profile screen. After this action, all information stored in your profile will be deleted and can’t be restored.

What if I forget my password?

SNS accounts are being used to log in to iKPOP, please recover your password with your account provider (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple)


  • You can submit your idol profile data. Rewards are being applied after verification
  • You can submit your idol pictures or fan art

Real-Time Stats

  • When using statistics real-time functionality ads will be displayed from time to time
  • You can watch YT stats in real-time


Contact us via Twitter dm or email at to report issues